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The uncommon ways to serve Green Spaghetti in Peru

Wednesday, 27 February, 2013

The uncommon ways to serve Green Spaghetti in PeruSome folks say that Peruvian people eat a lot, it may be because most of our dishes are a mix of many ingredients from many different cultures, but actually It’s because it is a tradition to mix a couple of dishes to make them better. In the following lines we’ll show you a couple common ways green spaghetti is served in restaurants around Lima, Peru.

– Tallarin al Pesto con Sabana (Green Spaghetti with sheet)

Though it may sound like a bit too much, it’s actually how most restaurants serve the dish, because is not a full 7oz steak but instead a thin 1/4th inch slice of meat, called sabana, which translates to sheet. It is a dish that is perfect for those long hard working days, or for when you are so busy you are starving by days end.

– Green Spaghetti with Papa a la Huancaina.

This one is a bit harder to come by in a restaurant but there are homes that function as restaurants during lunch hours that offer this very delicious and rare combination to the patrons. It’s often sought out because it mixes the warm flavors of the spaghetti with the fresh taste of potatoes, and the spiciness the dressing has.

We hope this gives you a couple ideas on how creative Peruvian cuisine actually is. Try your own combinations that best please your palate.


Sobe Pescado and Pisco Event with Gaston Acurio

Tuesday, 26 February, 2013

Gaston AcurioThe crew went to the South Beach Wine and Food festival event “Pescado and Pisco” hosted by the renowned chef Gaston Acurio.

The event took place on the rooftop of the Betsy hotel in South Beach last Saturday. It started a few minutes late event and there were roughly 120 people in attendance. Famous Univision news anchor Maria Elena Salinas covered the event.

We were able to exchange a few words with Gaston and tried to see if he would reveal the name and location of his soon-to-open new restaurant in South Florida. Unfortunately he said his lawyers were still putting the paperwork together and although he already had the place picked out he could not tell us more. We also asked him if he would endorse any Peruvian food restaurants in our local area but he said he has never had a ceviche in South Florida. In addition we asked him if he had heard of Ceviche 105 (one of the most popular ceviche joints in Miami); he said he heard good things about it but hasn’t had the chance to try it for himself.

We believe Gaston Acurio participated in this years SOBE event because the opening of his restaurant is pretty imminent.

The rest of the afternoon was top notch. Ocucaje (one of the best-selling Peruvian pisco brand) sponsored the event and bartenders were handing out different pisco based cocktails through the duration of the our time their. On the food side, 4 chefs were making different kinds of ceviches and seafood hors d’oeuvres for the guests to enjoy.

The food was excellent and we could see the chefs cutting the fresh fish and making ceviche with tuna, snapper, scallops and other delights from the sea right in front of us. In between talking to all of his guest Gaston Acurio would also assist in the preparation of these amazing treats.

The team was happy to attend to this event and we hope to attend more of these venues that share the same level of quality and organization.

The masters’ secrets for a great Ceviche

Thursday, 21 February, 2013

The masters secrets for a great CevicheYou may have heard phrases “My recipe is the best” or “I have a secret ingredient”. These are lies, and here we’ll tell you why.

Many times you may have gone to a restaurant and tasted a great Ceviche, or perhaps not that great, and wondered why is the flavor so different?, why is it that the one served at this place better than the one served at that other place? Is it because of an additional ingredient? Or perhaps because of a different way to cut the fish.

The owner of the renowned ceviche restaurant El Verídico de Fidel, Mr. Fidel Aymar, reveals to us the real secret technique to make a very good dish even better while keeping it simple. Well, Japanese ninja have secret techniques, why can’t Peruvian cooks have theirs?

The secret technique to achieve a ‘legendary’ dish, is in the preparation of the fish itself. It has to be fresh, almost as fresh as if you’ve just taken it from the sea. Once we have our super fresh fish, we need to dice it, in small cubes, and rinsed. Then add no more than half a lime’s juice, why only half a lime’s juice? Why not a full limes? Or two limes? This is because the lime’s acid will do the cooking of the fish, and too much can spoil the dish. So, after letting it cook for about a couple of hours, the rest of the ingredients then can be added, in different quantities according to taste, for example, if you like it more bitter, maybe a little more lime juice could be added.

The basic recipe for this dish can be found here.

Remember, in the kitchen is all about good tricks fresh ingredients and mostly taste.

Of the yellow pepper sauce and it’s magic

Thursday, 21 February, 2013

Of the yellow pepper sauce and its magicWe know for instance is a sauce so popular in Peru, it’s actually sold even in McDonalds and most fast food venues, and that people like it so much they eat it with most foods.

The popularity of this sauce came almost at the same time as Pollo a la Brasa. We say almost because at first it was served plain, no dressings nor side dishes; as time went by people started serving Pollo a la Brasa with French fries, but since most of the creole cuisine has a spicy side, the yellow pepper sauce was added and became known as Ají de Pollería because it was served in every restaurant who’s main dish is Pollo a la Brasa, this places are known as Pollerias.

To prepare this sauce is actually very easy, you just need to put in the blender, 3 clean yellow peppers along with 5 ounces of fresh milk for a couple of minutes, then add black mint paste, just a little because it’s what actually gives it the spiciness while the pepper is for flavor. Add a teaspoon of salt, a couple of gritty yellow potatoes and chopped onions. As everything blends, carefully add a soup spoon of oil.

After a couple of minutes you have about 5 to 6 ounces of this delicious sauce to serve your Peruvian food with and enjoy.

Ceviche 105 Review – Trilogy Sliced Fish Tiradito

Monday, 28 January, 2013

Trilogy Sliced Fish TiraditoI am very familiar with the Peruvian restaurant in downtown Miami, Ceviche 105 – because my office used to be just two blocks away from the place.  Every time I had lunch there I would usually pick one of the classic Ceviche 105’s signature dishes like the Ceviche Pucusana or Ceviche Anconero and always be amazed by the service, speed, quality of ingredients and the same great taste you would expect from a renowned restaurant like Ceviche 105. I no longer work in the area but still visit Ceviche 105 once in awhile, especially when I want to delight some friends that visit town and want to try some good Peruvian food.

The last time I visited Chef Chipoco’s masterpiece, Ceviche 105, I decided to be a little adventurous and try something different from the menu so I selected the “Trilogy Sliced Fish Tiradito” or “Sampler Trilogía de Tiraditos” for $19.95, which to my surprise was not up to the standards of the other known Ceviche 105’s menu items.

Tiradito is a dish consisting of long thin strips of raw fish, marinated in a creamy lime sauce. The problem with the Tiradito I tried at Ceviche 105 was that the fish was not cut properly (or at least not the way like the other dozen tiraditos I have tried in my life (trust me I am Peruvian and I know ceviche and tiraditos), the taste was OK but instead of bites of thin-sliced fish, they were more like just a couple of thick fish fillets that you could not finish chewing, so the flavor would be gone and your mouth full of chewy fish that I could just not swallow.

Don’t get me wrong, Ceviche 105 in my opinion, is a great Peruvian food restaurant with a great menu and a great track record; it just happens that the tiradito I tried that Sunday afternoon was terrible, so bad that I had to write about it. I hope this was just my experience (perhaps a faux pas of the chef on duty at the kitchen) – if someone had a similar experience or perhaps a positive one please share it in the comment thread area of this post.

Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Wednesday, 23 January, 2013

Living in the Delray Beach area it is hard not to recognize when a new restaurant pops up in the area. My excitement for a new restaurant is for the most part non-existent but because of my new found love for Peruvian food I couldn’t wait to get my fork in a ceviche dish at Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant.

Like most restaurants/bars in the Delray Beach area the atmosphere and vibe was very cool. However, the positive experience at this new Peruvian cuisine stopped at the atmosphere. I don’t want to complain about the service because I believe that all new restaurants deserve some sort of grace period to work out the kinks in the service department. With that said, I think upon opening a new establishment every restaurant owner better make sure they are prepared to put their best forward in the kitchen. After all, you only get to make one first impressions right?

My party ordered the Ceviche De La Casa, Tabla Mixta, Ceviche de atun (sushi grade supposedly) and the table mixta. If the Ceviche de la casa was supposed to have the restaurants own special twist on it then it might have been okay. However to me, the ceviche tasted sour. Almost like the chef squeezed the lemons and limes to hard. The Ceviche de atun wasn’t great either. Besides the servings being extremely small (even for a tapas restaurant) it was obvious that the tuna wasn’t fresh. Again, it may be kinks in inventory that the restaurant needs to work out. As far as the table mixta is concerned I felt that that was the best tasting dish. However the portion was again extremely small.

If you are looking to dig into some authentic Peruvian food, then this not going to be the place. Besides being in the very cool, hip town of Delray Beach, Florida there isn’t much to this place. Unless this establishment cleans up their act quick, like most other restaurants that open in that area, they will be closed within a year.

A Piece of Peru Landed in Miami

Friday, 4 January, 2013

If you live in South Florida or are just visiting the Miami area and want to feast on authentic Peruvian food Ceviche 105 is hands down the best restaurant to visit. Not only is the food unreal but the service is excellent and the wait staff is more then helpful as they are willing to guide and suggest dishes to anyone who is an amateur when it comes to Peruvian cuisine. Not only is the food authentic but it is one of the few establishments in South Florida where authentic Peruvian drinks such as Pisco can be enjoyed.

What was most enjoyable about this restaurant is that even though the entrees are not labeled as “family size” the portions are huge and a couple dishes can easily feed 3 people. It makes it a great way to get a few healthy portions of a couple different entrees.

My table ordered Lomo Salteado, Ceviche seafood orgy and Arroz Con Mariscos (seafood and rice). All of the dishes were absolutely fantastic. My personal favorite was the Ceviche seafood orgy which is a medley of raw seafood that is marinated and served in tiger milk. The tastes of this fish literally makes your pallet explode.  If you want to kick it up a notch ask your waiter for a side of Rocoto Sauce (careful though, it has quite a kick). The Lomo Salteado was some of the tastiest, tender meat I have ever had. It made the expression “melt in your mouth” literal. While still delicious my least favorite dish was the Arroz con Mariscos, a fried rice with various sorts of seafood including shrimp and calamari and mussels. Probably because by the time I got around to trying it I was already stuffed from the other two dishes! I couldn’t stop eating!!

All in all one of the best dining experiences I have had in Miami. I loved the New York loft feeling that the restaurants design gives off along with being able to eat high quality food in a relaxed, casual environment.

Victoria’s Lantana, Florida Restaurant Review

Thursday, 3 January, 2013

Like many others throughout the country who enjoys trying  new cuisine I have become increasingly fond of Peruvian food. Just this past week I had the pleasure of dining at Victoria’s in Lantana, Florida. While I have dined there in the past this was my first trip there with my Peruvian friend who knows much more about what authentic Peruvian food should taste like.

This dining experience we ordered ceviche mixto, jalea mixta and chaufa de mariscos. All the food was delicious. The ceviche mixto was a perfect blend of various seafood in a delicious traditional Peruvian ceviche juice. The  jelea mixta was plentiful and delightful to the pallet as was the chaufa de mariscos.

While the restaurant was under construction and a little hectic, the wait staff did not miss a beat. They were friendly, attentive and on the top of their game as the restaurant was packed with patrons and nobody was waiting long for their food. On top of that my friend with plenty of experience with Peruvian food thought that the restaurant was very authentic. He was especially impressed with the ceviche dish.

Whether you are a person who has already had Peruvian food or someone looking for a new dining experience Victoria’s will not disappoint.

Peruvian Food Is Having its Moment in the Sun

Wednesday, 19 December, 2012

If cuisine is your thing and trying new food is a hobby then you likely can’t help but notice the growing number of Peruvian restaurants popping up throughout the country. Some cities such as Miami, Florida even have full on festivals whose complete and total focus is on the delicious Peruvian food that is quickly migrating to the United States.

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article stating that Peruvian food is the next big thing in the world. In addition Zagat reports that over the past ten years the number of Peruvian restaurants in such cities as New York, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston and Philadelphia has grown four times in number. Even in non-Peruvian restaurants it is not uncommon to see variations of Peru’s most famous dish Ceviche on the menu.

One of the greatest gifts that Peru has to offer to the world is their wonderful cuisine and the beautiful country is finally getting its long deserved moment in the sun. Whether it is the vibrant citrus marinated and fresh tasting ceviche or a slowly stewed chicken or seafood dish Peruvian food is sure to satisfy the pallet of anyone.